FINAM Regrid#

Regridding adapter for the FINAM model coupling framework, using ESMPy.



The easiest way to install ESMPy is to use Conda.

Create a Conda environment with ESMPy installed, and activate it:

$ conda create -n esmpy -c conda-forge esmpy
$ conda activate esmpy

For details, see the ESMPy documentation.

Now, install finam_regrid and other required packages using pip:

$ pip install finam-regrid


The main class of this package is the adapter Regrid. For other package members, see the API reference.

FINAM-regrid supports all of ESMPy’s regridding methods. For more options, see the ESMPy class Regrid

See also the example scripts in the GitLab repository for fully functional usage examples.

API References#

Information about the API of FINAM-regrid.


Further information about licensing, the developers team and the changelog of FINAM-Plot.


LGPLv3, Copyright © 2021-2023, the FINAM developers from Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ. All rights reserved.