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FINAM is an open-source component-based model coupling framework for environmental models. It aims at enabling bi-directional online couplings of models for different compartments like geo-, hydro-, pedo- and biosphere.


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The API is designed to be as intuitive as possible and is thoroughly documented.

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  • Time interpolation and integration

    With version v0.4.0, FINAM comes with a set of new time interpolation and integration adapters. In addition to the existing linear interpolation adapter, step-wise interpolation with a flexible step position is now available. Integration over the target component’s time step supports averaging as well as sum integration (Area under Curve).


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  • Documentation update & redesign

    In preparation of the FINAM 0.4 release, the complete documentation was reworked. Of course, the docs are up to date with the code now, but there is more: Everything is in one place, structure and layout were improved, and the FINAM Book and the API reference are heavily cross-referenced.

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Information about using, configuring and exploring FINAM. If you still have questions, check our Discussions page to get help.

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Information about the API of FINAM.


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