Source code for finam.adapters.probe

Adapters for direct probing from link connections.
from ..sdk import Adapter

__all__ = ["CallbackProbe"]

[docs] class CallbackProbe(Adapter): """Probe data by calling a callback. Simply forwards the data unchanged. Examples -------- .. testcode:: constructor import finam as fm adapter = fm.adapters.CallbackProbe( callback=lambda data, t: print(data), ) Parameters ---------- callback : callable A callback ``callback(data, time)``, returning the transformed data. """ def __init__(self, callback): super().__init__() self.callback = callback
[docs] def _get_data(self, time, target): """Get the output's data-set for the given time. Parameters ---------- time : datetime simulation time to get the data for. Returns ------- array_like data-set for the requested time. """ data = self.pull_data(time, target) self.callback(data, time) return data