Documentation update & redesign#

In preparation of the FINAM 0.4 release, the complete documentation was reworked. Of course, the docs are up to date with the code now, but there is more: Everything is in one place, structure and layout were improved, and the FINAM Book and the API reference are heavily cross-referenced.

Large parts of the FINAM Book were updated for all the upcoming changes of version 0.4. Completely new chapters were added for metadata handling (Metadata and time and Data and metadata), The Connect Phase and Components without time step. Further, most code examples in the documentation are now automatically tested to help keeping them up to date in the future.

On the API reference side, the documentation was restructured for better accessibility. Further, API documentation was extended and examples were added to all end user-facing classes, particularly in modules and adapters.

All the work was done by Sebastian Müller and Martin Lange.