About this book#

This book has multiple purposes:

  • FINAM principles – Explain the basic principles of FINAM to the interested audience.

  • Using FINAM – Teach end users how to set up and run FINAM compositions.

  • Developing for FINAM – Teach developers how to implement FINAM modules and adapters, and how to wrap existing models for coupling.

  • FINAM cookbook – Help users and developers with short recipes demonstrating how to solve specific tasks with and for FINAM.

All except the chapters on principles require some Python programming skills. We do not teach Python in this book, so different levels of programming knowledge are assumed for certain chapters. Read on for details…


The first chapters under FINAM principles are crucial for understanding how FINAM works. They contain only textual and visual descriptions. They contain no code and require no programming knowledge. Read this first!

The chapters under Using FINAM are dedicated to users that want to set up FINAM compositions using existing modules. Compositions are created through Python scripts. These chapters require some basic Python knowledge for writing simple scripts.

The chapters under Developing for FINAM are dedicated to developers that want to build modules for FINAM, or wrap existing models or libraries for the use in FINAM compositions. To write modules following these chapters, intermediate knowledge of Python is required. Particularly, developers need some basic understanding of object-oriented programming in Python.

The recipes of the FINAM cookbook are dedicated to users and developers that are facing questions and tasks that might be common when working with FINAM. Expect code examples that require Python knowledge according to the usage or development chapter, depending on the subject.